Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Blunt Lie or Naive Promise: Is the Administration Telling Us More Than They Intend?

    Over the course of the Presidential campaign, President Obama made a pledge that is now raising the question, "Did he lie to us, or just make a naive campaign promise that he could not possibly keep?" There are, also, some very strong implications that can be drawn from the failure of the administration to keep its pledge.

    While some are willing to credit the broken promise made by Obama to televise Health Care negotiations to naive campaign promises, I believe that the failure to keep the promise He uttered no less than 8 times to be much more. It amounts to an outrageous and blatant lie. Obama stated on 8 seperate occasions that the negotiations would be televised in open transparency and specifically stated that they would air on C-Span. Now, we find that the negotiations will take place in secret amongst the Democrats with no press allowed.

    The question is left as to why it is so important that these proceedings would need to take place in such a secretive manner. The only logical answer would be that the process is going to be so dirty and so revolting that it could not be accomplished in the eye of the public. Also, there is no way that the administration can pass this legislation under the scrutiny of an already angry populace.

     Perhaps, there is more to the claims of individuals like Glenn Beck,  Hannity, and Limbaugh than the administration would like us all to believe. After all, if they truly have nothing to hide, why are they hiding?