Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eco-Socialism, the Left, and the Path to Tyranny

     For decades, a struggle has been waged over the proper role of government and the rights of its citizens. I have referred to statements made as far back as 1927 by politicians referring to the resistance of citizenry to direct socialism and prophesied future acceptance of it through a gradual liberalism. Over time the euphemisms may have changed, but the struggle still continues.

     It is interesting to note that Eco-socialism is a movement or philosophy that sees capitalism as the root of class warfare and harm to the environment and seeks to replace capitalism through "collective ownership of the means of production." The numerous bailouts of the private sector and health care by the federal government with taxpayer funding is a prime example of this philosophy in action, and their plan to transform the current economy into a new green economy fit within the tennants of socialism and eco-socialism.

     Particularly troubling, is the propensity of Obama and the Left to stifle opposing views and expressions of ideas.  The most recent example of this, comes with the case of private companies like Humana Corp., which provide services to medicare recipients, being placed under a gag order by the government after attempting to inform their customers of the effects of pending legislation on the current care they receive. Those who fail to abide by the gag order have been threatened with being forced to pay a fine or going to jail. This is a perfect example of the tyranny that comes with the progressive left's socialization of America. In order for them to enact their agenda, they must start with a passive tyranny that comes in the form of intimidation and less than forceful methods of silencing opposition, and as history shows, leads to an agressive form of tyranny, such as that perpetrated in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. George Santayana once said, "Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it." History clearly shows the path that other leaders and nations have taken down the path to tyranny.  Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler all campaigned on populist agendas appealing to the labor forces of their nations in their rise to power, and they all started gradually suppressing their opposition until they were a force that could not be stopped. They, also, ran very successful propaganda campaigns aimed at the working class emphasizing class warfare and targeted youth recruitment for their agendas (a topic we may explore at another time).

     We are clearly seeing an attempt by the Obama administration and the left to impose a larger federal government with expanded power beyond the scope of the founding fathers and the Constitution, even larger than even Franklin Roosevelt imagined it. We are witnessing their attempt to marginalize, demean, and intimidate all opposition into silence. We know from the lessons taught by history the path of tyranny that follows, and we know that path threatens the framework of our very nation. Finally, we may have but one chance left to reclaim what remains of our republic. We must continue to expose the agenda for the threat to our civil liberties that it is, and we must reclaim our republic in 2010 and 2012.

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